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Because I’ve got a fever, and there’s only one prescription.

Quick Thoughts: Beauty and the Beast; 2017

“Beauty and the Beast” has been in theaters for almost two weeks and I’m honestly itching to see it again; I’ve got the fever!  I was polite enough to mouth along to my favorite songs, although on the inside I was actually  running  around the theater singing about my own provincial life. Baguettes everywhere. I was three years old when the animated classic was in theaters, so do I remember actually going to the theater? Nope. However, I do remember watching the VHS on repeat, trapesing around our house in the iconic Belle gown, and obsessing over a magic mirror that showed me the beast. I’ve been #DisneyObsessed since before I could remember and Belle was a princess I looked up to as a kid  because of how much she loved to read. My nose was/is/will be constantly stuck in a book. This movie brought up a lot of memories for me. Especially about that dang magic mirror, to the point that I took a Facebook poll about it and there were many magic mirror obsessed friends out there. But, it also  reminded me just how amazing Belle is as a princess. Disney can do a fantastic job about creating characters we keep with us. The movie was beautiful, fun, and truly nostalgic but also created something new for the story which is always refreshing. Go see it! Your friends Lumiere and Cogsworth are waiting for you to be their guest.


The movie  soundtrack is now available both in-store and on iTunes; the OG soundtrack is available too if you want to reminisce :).

iTunes: Original Motional Picture Soundtrack + Score: $15.00

               Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (19 Songs): $9.99

In-Store it also available, here are a few places you can buy:

$14.95·Disney Store

Favorite Merchandise

Here’s some links to adorable merchandise!
Jordandene NYC makes fun, fabulous shirts for fans of all kinds – check out the collections! I love them so much.
Jordandene NYC “I Want Adventure” Tank

Danielle Nicole – Who doesn’t love this Cogsworth Bag? His FACE. So cute.
Danielle Nicole Disney Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Crossbody Bag

Tervis is my go-to tumbler for all things. I have three, no, four? It’s bad. I wanted this one but I already have a Disney one!
Disney- Beauty and the Beast: Beauty is Found Within Tervis

This is GORGEOUS. I saw this at the Disney Store in my local mall and the online picture does not do it justice. It’s a large journal and so detailed. I fell in love.
Beauty and the Beast Journal
THANK YOU for reading The Mickey Waffle. See ya’ real soon!
 *This post is all opinion, I’m not paid to push product or promote.

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