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An Indulgence at The Grand Floridian


My first visit to a spa was only one year ago as a birthday gift; my 28th birthday gift. I’ve had 28 years on this earth without ever actually going to a spa, and I am now aware of why people go. It’s a luxury that I can appreciate, and I take full advantage of the amenities offered.
During my last visit to Walt Disney World, I made an impromptu decision to FINALLY try a Disney Resort Spa. I was already feeling pretty fancy since we ended up booking one night at Disney’s The Grand Floridian Resort and I figured that it was a perfect time. A spa treatment will definitely help you feel like a Disney princess or a queen.

Fairly simple. Either in-person if you’re at the resort or you call 407-WDW-SPAS (407-937-7727).You’ll follow a prompt which will connect you with the spa. I was still traveling while I was booking, my only issue at this point was if you were participating in the WDW Marathon Weekend (Run Disney) there was some of deal? But they were not aware on the phone, or there was a miscommunication. I’m pretty easygoing, and I let it go; I was getting a facial anyway!

When you book and request a service, this is an excellent time to ask any questions you have. The cast members are knowledgeable, friendly, and want you to know what you’re getting. If you have an allergy, concerned about time, or have questions about the spa itself, the cast members are there to help. I purchased the Beyond Organic Facial (50 minutes / $150), and my esthetician was Jasmine, she was fantastic. You will put a credit card on hold for your reservation, but you will not pay until the end of your visit and gratuity is included (check/cash/credit card).  Using a Disney Visa Card will save you 15%.

The Spa:

grand floridian senses

The location of Senses Spa is right across the way from The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The entrance is Victorian and beautiful, and you’ll see a practically perfect Floridian garden mural when you walk through the doors. You are transported to a serene, relaxing atmosphere. You are ready to spa (now a verb). The robes are plush, and the sandals are like butter. I liked the sandals so much that I contemplated buying them at the end of my experience. You’ll also get your locker where you can store what you bring.
The spa amenities include a sauna, hot tub, two heated spa chairs, dimly lit lounge, relaxing music, trail mix, tea, infused water, showers, and hair dryers. You can enjoy all of this if you book any treatment at Senses or any spa; this is always the bonus for me. There is a range of treatments for you to receive and all at a different price point, you can get a pedicure or a body therapy experience! (link at the end of the post).
  • Here’s the thing…
    • The hot tub and sauna were down without notice given to me before my treatment. Also, the thermal chairs weren’t working 100% either. I found out all of this on my own. As I said, the added amenities are what make a spa experience so enjoyable for me since I don’t splurge on the spa. For me, $150.00 was a splurge while I was already on vacation. Everything else was good, but the whole “magical experience” wasn’t there. It was just a fancy waiting room with snacks and tea (yum).  I think they were having an off day for the facility during my visit, or at least I’m hoping that’s the case. I would love to go to another spa during a stay in Disney; but if the amenities aren’t working and I’m not notified, it is a bummer. My advice? Call ahead and ask questions because they aren’t going to notify you…if everything in the facility is down besides the showers.
      • Did I make a big stink, did I not pay or demand money off? Nope. There are things in this life that you can’t control and people who work in the service industry can’t control. The facial was still amazing.  If people are  kind but forgetful, eh, it happens. That’s just my two cents to treat people courteously.

floridian senses.jpg


My Facial:

I have sensitive skin, so I was concerned about which facial to go with, decided on the organic facial, and I’m glad I did. It was refreshing, and my skin didn’t have a reaction at all. My esthetician was Jasmine (not the princess), and I was blown away by her. She was professional, made you comfortable, and I was very pleased with my facial. I can’t even compare her to the esthetician from birthday weekend (not Disney). We talked about the Run Disney week and our favorite ways to exercise (or not exercise), and she spoke to me about the product she was using during my facial without pushing for purchase. I had privacy before and after my facial; I didn’t feel rushed, and I  was able to enjoy a few moments of quiet. At the end of my treatment, Jasmine waited outside with a glass of water and delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares! I can only believe that this is standard  (Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate). My face was glowing!

Taking in Senses:

Afterwards, I lounged and read my book. I had more cucumber infused water and M&M’s. I really did try to enjoy the heated spa lounge chairs. I did my research and knew they were something to try! The room that included the loungers, sauna, and hot tub is absolutely stunning. The walls are covered in spring green tiles made into a floral mosaic; earthy perfection. As I stated previously, nothing was really working during my visit and I wish I could give a more in depth review besides how pretty it was. The heated spa loungers are comfortable and normally pretty warm.

The staff was great! Checking out was an ease, too!

Spas can be intimidating but don’t be intimidated. Yes, it feels fancy and if you’re like me you can feel out of your comfort zone. Just embrace it! If you want a Disney spa to be your first spa experience that’s my advice to you — just embrace it. Call ahead and make sure you that everything is in working order so that you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Eat the snacks, drink the water, and lounge. Hakuna matata, friends!

See ya’ real soon.



WDW SPA LOCATIONS: Senses – Saratoga Springs Resort, Senses – The Grand Floridian, Mandara Spa. –> https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/spas/

PRICING: All treatments and prices can be found here –>https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/spas/grand-floridian-resort-and-spa/senses-spa/




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